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Precise traverse Automatic Take-up Machine

Precise traverse Automatic Take-up Machine
Precise traverse automatic take-up Machine
Product Details:

Precise traverse automatic take-up Machine

Product description:

Equipment specification and function

1、size:A variety of specifications, can customize according to customer's requirements.

2、Main motor power:25w

3、Wire arrangement: PX15;

4、The machine size:750 × 500×1000mm

5、Weight:about 40 kg

6、Winding device

7、Measurement system of aluminium plate

8、The structure of the take-up machine is simple,it is easy to repair,adjustable hose torsion device,Equipment adopts motor to drive chain to realize automatic winding,take-up speed and tube speed can be synchronized.

Pay-off(corollary equipment for flattening machine)

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