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Wire Flattening Machines Reinforcement Processing Machinery
Jun 01, 2017

Wire crimping machine _ wire crimping machine, can crush round wire, wire, steel wire, round wire, stainless steel wire and other materials, the equipment made of high quality chrome steel or tungsten steel. Using a special process, long life, rolling wire surface smooth, accurate size.

Flattening machine and straightening machine in one, straightening machine is one of the steel processing machinery. Used to straighten and cut the diameter of 12 mm below the steel, cut length can be customized according to customer requirements. Adjustable straight cut off the stainless steel wire, aluminum wire, cold drawn wire, package plastic leather wire, etc., the gap is small, the error is small, good performance.

Straightening machine installation and commissioning

1, the first body on a flat basis, then the motor switch connected to the power supply, and then move the switch handle, if the direction of rotation of the shaft is not wrong to change the motor into the line connector.

2, all the rotating parts to add a good oil, butter.

3, before going to put the protective cover down, check the motor connector is leakage. In the straightening machine body to get a good ground.

4, idle 2-3 minutes, and then penetrate the wire into the high-speed rotor, in the use of a forklift to suppress the wire, in the cross through the filament hole.

5, adjust the high-speed rotor within the adjustment mode angle size, to achieve the effect of straight wire can work properly.

YBJ-150 row nail machine wire crimping machine

Technical Parameters:

Flattened diameter: 0.6-1.6mm (standard wire 1.03 ± 0.01)

Flattening speed: 350m / min

Special Carbide Wheels

Flattening accuracy: ± 0.005mm

Motor power: 3KW

Rolling the use of high-quality carbide tool steel, the surface after a special treatment, rolling wire surface smooth, smooth, accurate size; the machine is equipped with a cooling device, the use of synchronous hub, automatic receipt. And optional matching speed control, hub device. Flattening machine for low carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other materials, round wire, rolled into flat line, square line, and other different cross-sectional shape of the wire.