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Wire Flattening Machines Cable Extrusion Production
Jul 03, 2017

Wire Flattening Machines Cable extrusion production

one. The history of the extrusion

Electric air-cooled extruder in 1939 the successful development of PVC extrusion, to 1941, the successful development of PE extrusion, dating back more than 60 years of history.

two. Cable extrusion production

The conductor or core is supplied to the production line by the feed shaft, preheated by the machine head and eye mold of the extruder, insulated or coated, and then cooled by a short air cooling into the water tank and then tested by the spark test machine Break the skin, and check the outer diameter, eccentricity, printing and other appearance qualified, the use of extraction device, coiler and roll to the spool.

The extruder is usually expressed in terms of screw diameter or cylinder diameter, for example: screw diameter 70MM, called 70M / M extruder.

three. In terms of the function of the extrusion machine, the most important thing is the screw rod design, such as improper design, not only the operating efficiency is low, the finished product quality is difficult to control.

General screw can be divided into feed section, compression section, measurement section of three parts, the length of the feed section about the length of the screw more than 1/4, the compression section of the melt material can be a good Kunliao effect, and the material between the The air back pressure back from the hopper out of the machine, the current PVC and PE extrusion are used more compressed section of the screw, the measurement section is the most important screw to the place, it can melt the material quantitative extrusion, control the amount of extrusion.

four. L / D = Effective length of the screw

  Screw diameter (general PVC foam PE, screw L / D are more than 20)

Compression ratio (CR) = depth of the feed section (generally PVC foam PE, conductive PE extrusion using a lower compression ratio,

Measuring the depth of the groove deep screw thermal stability of the PE, PP extrusion is used higher compression ratio screw. )

Fives. The gap between the screw and the inner wall of the cylinder

In the machinery manufacturing allows, the gap is smaller and better, if the gap is large, the material will produce a large countercurrent, so that the amount of extrusion to reduce the efficiency of extrusion, while the pressure is large, due to pressure changes on the amount of extrusion Very large, resulting in uneven material flow phenomenon, will affect the cable diameter control, and the quality of finished products.

six. Extrusion machine head stall part of the inspection method

If the head is improperly designed or worn, it will cause the molten material to burn for too long and seriously affect the quality of the cable. The inspection method can use the material with strong contrasting color to carry out the experiment. For example: first with a white material for 5-10 minutes, and then the same kind of black material extrusion 10-30 minutes, after the observation of the internal head, view the stagnation of white material and the amount of stay.

Seven. The role of the honeycomb board

The filter group is supported so that the flow direction of the molten material is changed from the circumference of the screw to the parallel direction with the connecting cylinder and the nose.

The purpose of the filter group is to remove the foreign matter and impurities in the molten material, to improve the pressure inside the cylinder, so that the material is well kneaded, so that the material mixture agent, filler redistribution.