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Wire Drawing Machine Wire Drawing
Sep 05, 2017

Wire Drawing Machine Wire drawing

Talking about the characteristics of wire drawing machine and related basic knowledge, so that readers can fully understand the drawing machine, mechanical and electrical manufacturing is one of the largest suppliers of wire drawing machine

First, the characteristics of sliding multi-mode drawing machine

1. Because of the sliding, tension can automatically adjust the line speed, to prevent disconnection, its transmission structure is relatively simple, pull the wheel is not complicated;

2. Line into the drawing machine, only through the die hole and drawing wheel, there is no additional resistance due to part of the increase in tension.

Second, non-sliding multi-mode drawing machine

1. does not slip, will not be due to "sliding" to scratch the surface of the line and the wheel surface;

2. Line in the middle of the drawing wheel to stay for some time, can be fully cooled;

3. In the process of drawing the circle to be bent several times;

4. line to be reversed, the direction of twisting depends on the direction of rotation of the poles;

5. The structure is complex, and often each drawing wheel is dragged by a separate motor.

Third, pull line technology

1, the basic principles:

Wire drawing is the billet through the die hole in a certain tensile force, the occurrence of plastic deformation, so that cross-section reduction, the length of a pressure processing methods. Drawing is metal processing.

2, the factors affecting the wire drawing

Copper and aluminum rod material, the tensile strength of the material, the degree of deformation, the coefficient of friction between the wire and the die hole, the size of the die die hole, the position of the thread mold, various external factors and the factor of increasing the back tension.

3, drawing equipment

Single-mode drawing machine (horizontal, vertical)

Multi-mode drawing machine (sliding continuous drawing machine, horizontal tower drum drawing machine)

4, drawing lubrication

The role of lubricant (lubrication, cooling, cleaning)

Lubricants affect the factors of wire drawing (concentration, temperature, cleanliness)

Lubricant Ingredients (Triethanolammonium + Soap + Water + Oleic Acid + Kerosene)

5, mold

According to the material points (carbide mold, diamond mold, poly gold mold, steel mold)

 The quality of the pretreatment of wire rod or bar is directly related to the quality of the standard parts and other metal products manufacturing enterprises. The drawing machine belongs to the metal equipment industry. The metal wire drawing machine and the drawing machine are widely used in steel wire, Stress steel wire, standard parts and other metal products production and pre-processing. Is widely used in machinery manufacturing, metal processing, petrochemical, plastics, bamboo products, wire and cable, etc., is widely used in industrial applications. industry. According to its use can be divided into metal wire drawing machine (for standard parts and other metal products production pre-processing), plastic wire drawing machine (for the plastic products industry in polyester, nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester chips as raw materials (For the bamboo and wood products industry in the production of chopsticks, toothpicks, barbecue sticks, etc. pull out the bamboo wire, wood for re-processing of the special Equipment) and so on.