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Wire Drawing Machine Use Improper Factors
Sep 18, 2017

Wire Drawing Machine Use improper factors

Drawing process using improper factors lead to rapid wear mold: 1. Drawing process surface compression rate is too large, resulting in mold cracks or broken. The majority of cracks or breakage is caused by internal stress release. In any material structure, the existence of internal stress is inevitable, drawing wire generated when the internal stress can be enhanced mold microcrystalline structure, but when the drawing surface compression rate is too large, can not be timely lubrication and thus high temperature will lead to Mold part of the material is removed, microcrystalline structure to bear the stress greatly increased, making it more prone to cracks or broken. 2. The tensile axis of the wire is asymmetric to the center line of the die hole, resulting in uneven stress acting on the wire and the drawing die. The impact of the mechanical vibration also causes a high stress peak for the wire and the drawing die. Will accelerate the wear of the mold. 3. Due to uneven annealing caused by uneven wire hardness and other factors likely to cause premature loss of diamond wire drawing die, resulting in ring groove accelerated die hole wear. 4. Wire surface rough, the surface adhesion of oxide, sand or other impurities will make the mold too fast wear. When the wire passes through the die hole, the hard, brittle oxide and other adhesive impurities cause the drawing die hole to wear and abrasion the surface of the wire as quickly as the abrasive. 5. Lubrication is poor or lubricating fluid contains metal debris impurities lead to mold wear. Lubrication will make the drawing hole when the surface temperature is too fast, mold die off, resulting in mold damage. When the lubricating fluid is unclean, in particular, contains the metal scrap when pulled off, it is easy to scratch the surface of the die hole and the surface of the wire.

  Production of the drawing machine is a number of drawing head composed of the production of equipment deployment, through the level of drawing, you can pull the wire to the required specifications. In order to ensure the simultaneous operation of the various pull head, Guo Xin mechanical and electrical drawing machine through the tension sensor dynamic measurement of the tension between the head of the wire tension, and then the tension into the scale signal (0 ~ 20mA or 0 ~ 10V), with this scale signal Feedback to the inverter, the inverter with this signal for the closed-loop PID process control, the main rate superimposed on the PID calculation of the amount of mediation, connecting the tension detection point of the tension is constant, also to ensure that the wire drawing machine things in the constant tension of things , So as to ensure that the process of pulling non-stop silk. The maximum drawing rate is 20 m / s. However, due to the drawing through each level, the wire diameter of the wire has changed, so that each pull the head line of things should also change the rate.