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Wire Drawing Machine Tension Sensor
Oct 19, 2017

Wire Drawing Machine Tension sensor

Production of the drawing machine is a number of drawing head composed of the production of equipment deployment, through the level of drawing, you can pull the wire to the required specifications. In order to ensure the simultaneous operation of the various pull head, Guo Xin mechanical and electrical drawing machine through the tension sensor dynamic measurement of the tension between the head of the wire tension, and then the tension into the scale signal (0 ~ 20mA or 0 ~ 10V), with this scale signal Feedback to the inverter, the inverter with this signal for the closed-loop PID process control, the main rate superimposed on the PID calculation of the amount of mediation, connecting the tension detection point of the tension is constant, also to ensure that the wire drawing machine things in the constant tension of things , So as to ensure that the process of pulling non-stop silk. The maximum drawing rate is 20 m / s. However, due to the drawing through each level, the wire diameter of the wire has changed, so that each pull the head line of things should also change the rate.

1. To use the drawing die to pull, is to use the power to draw the copper wire, the copper wire through the drawing die forward to produce pultruded plastic deformation, and uniform shrinkage extension

2. Drawing machine is the use of copper wire with the ductility, the use of mold compression to make its diameter smaller, so as to achieve the size of the wire we need, the machine by the line and take the two parts, through the inverter or mechanical Adjust to achieve a unified state of the two.

What are the industries used in the drawing machine?

Drawing machine industry, involving a wide range of equipment, the common drawing machine has a water tank-type drawing machine, straight into the wire drawing machine, pulley-type drawing machine, inverted drawing machine, drawing machine is mainly used in copper wire, stainless steel wire And other metal cable materials processing, cable manufacturing industry is extremely important processing equipment. With the continuous development of frequency control technology, frequency converter has been widely used in the drawing machine industry, bear the drawing speed, tension coiling, multi-level synchronous control and other aspects of the application of the inverter, greatly improving the drawing machine Of the level of automation and processing capacity, effectively reducing the unit's energy consumption and maintenance costs, has been widely recognized by the industry.

Line: the wire of the line, for the entire wire drawing machine link, the control is not too high precision requirements, most of the drawing machine, the operation of the line is driven by the drive to achieve the line, but there are some double Frequency control of the drawing machine, and even directly through the wire drawing thread tension drawn into the wire drawing machine, to achieve free off the line;

Drawing: drawing is the most important part of the drawing machine. Different metal materials, different silk varieties and requirements, drawing links are very different, the article will be described later in detail the water tank drawing machine and straight into the drawing machine specific operation process;

Take-off: the speed of the connection process determines the entire drawing machine production efficiency, but also the most difficult part of the entire system control. In the take-up part, the commonly used control technology has synchronous control and tension control to achieve the rolling of metal products.