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Wire Drawing Machine Metal Products Industry
Aug 01, 2017

Wire Drawing Machine Metal products industry

At present, the overall technical level and equipment level of the domestic metal products industry still have a large gap compared with the industrialized countries, and still relatively backward in the drawing machine main engine, auxiliary equipment, lubrication technology, wire production, drawing mold quality and so on. The actual situation of China's metal products industry, the simple pursuit of advanced large-scale, high-speed drawing machine is not practical and not desirable; for the drawing machine designers and manufacturers, the focus should be on the design, manufacturing operation Reliable, easy operation, easy maintenance, high production efficiency of the wire drawing machine.

At present, the design and manufacture of wire drawing machine in China is mainly composed of two guiding ideology. One is represented by Italian industrial countries such as Italy, Germany and Sweden. It advocates the development of large-scale and high-speed, Is to Japan as the representative, advocate wire drawing machine has a high speed, combined with advanced auxiliary equipment, to the direction of the combination of drawing machine development.

European countries with advanced machinery, electrical industry system as the basis, first in the drawing die and lubrication technology and reel water cooling system to make a breakthrough, so that the steel wire drawing speed and quality greatly improved, the main drawer is a nesting, Straight and water tank drawing machines. But the specific situation of our country is the low level of technical skills of workers, drawing lubricant E, the quality of wire and so can not meet the requirements of high-speed drawing, especially the DC system electrical components of the quality and reliability of the manufacturers feel the operation and maintenance More difficult. Under the current conditions, I think China's metal products industry, the development of wire drawing machine should not pursue such high-grade advanced drawing machine. Although its advantages are well known, but the domestic support, supporting the level, will make this type of wire drawing machine in the production of the actual performance of the machine, resulting in waste of investment, recycling time is too long.

Japan in the design and manufacture of wire drawing machine, compared with the European countries, a slight gap, but in auxiliary equipment, simplify the electrical control system and so on a lot of work; its guiding ideology is the first wire drawing machine should be easy to operate, easy to maintain , With advanced and efficient auxiliary equipment to improve the drawing production efficiency. It is the first in the exchange frequency control speed to make a breakthrough, so that the drawing machine electrical system becomes relatively simple, reliable, operation, maintenance are more convenient; another feature is that it advocates the use of modular wire drawing machine, in ensuring the quality of steel under the premise, Minimize equipment investment. To 5.5 in the market as a raw material of the typical process for the down, the specific approach is: qb600 or qb560 pulley wire drawing machine as a bad machine layout in the combination of the top of the wire drawing machine, the middle configuration qb400 pulley wire drawing machine, finished The previous pass with a double drum-type wire drawing machine, the purpose is to prepare for the non-stop unloading line, and the wire into the finished mold to reduce the number of torsion, and finished reel and linear wire drawing machine, with two-way straightening mechanism , The basic elimination and the wire in the front of the road in the drawing of the torsional effect; the final configuration of large-scale word wheel take-off machine or other continuous wire unloading machine to improve the efficiency of drawing production line.