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Wire Drawing Machine Main Content
Oct 30, 2017

Wire Drawing Machine Main content

What are we going to introduce today? The following is a summary of the following:

Aspect 1: operation requirements of wire drawing machine.

Side 2: daily maintenance and weekly maintenance of wire drawing machine.

Now that this is a summary, let's expand on the main content of the product, so that you can learn more about the machine.

1. Operation requirements of wire drawing machine

1. Before processing, operators should read the drawings and relevant technical data carefully, and should be familiar with and master them. When processing, should choose and determine the drawing direction, drawing face, etc., according to the requirements to carry out operation. Also protect the surface of the workpiece to prevent it from being scratched to avoid waste.

2. The finished products should be lightly placed and protected by layers to prevent the finished products from being damaged.

2. Daily maintenance and weekly maintenance of wire drawing machine

1. The daily maintenance

(1) cleanliness and hygiene should be maintained outside and around the equipment.

(2) air supply pipeline, joint and sand belt shall be inspected, whether the contact is good and whether adjustment is needed.

(3) drain the water in the air filter and lubricate the bearing base.

2. Weekly maintenance

In addition to daily maintenance, there are:

(1) whether the tensioning of belt and belt is suitable and whether adjustment is needed.

(2) the operation of the wire drawing machine is correct and safe. The maintenance of the wire drawing machine will mainly focus on its two parts, for the extruder and the drawing part, and the winding machine part. The purpose of this work is to enable you to be familiar with the maintenance work of the wire drawing machine and to know more about the drawing machine. Now, let's start with something concrete.

1. Extruder and pull drawing parts

(1) the lubricating surface of the gearbox shall be inspected frequently and the lubricating oil shall be changed every six months.

(2) for bearings, transmission chains and sprockets, lubricate the lubricating oil once every two weeks.

(3) restart the machine after the shutdown, until the temperature of the temperature reaches the specified requirements, or it will cause the machine to be pulled or damaged.

(4) during the operation of the equipment, the inspection should be stopped immediately once abnormal conditions are found.

(5) filter screen should be frequently replaced and cleaned in case of blockage.