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Wire Drawing Machine Control Requirements
Aug 26, 2017

Wire Drawing Machine Control requirements

The wire drawing machine is also called the Roberts machine, which is widely used in industrial applications.

The drawing machine system is a very demanding device for speed control, requiring the control system to provide very precise, smooth linear speed. And for the pull of the wire drawing machine than the average drawing machine requirements higher. The whole system is more complex, more control equipment, between the various requirements of the high coordination of the motor.

The system uses four sets of servo motor control, and each set of servo between the real-time data exchange, Kinco servo support bus communication capability can meet the real-time interaction between the various axes.

The system requires fast interaction between the motor shaft data, in order to ensure that the row of wire in accordance with the required algorithm to quickly calculate the trajectory in line with the wire in place, but also make full use of kinco servo internal firmware function, through the drive to calculate their own motor drive wire , Greatly reducing the traditional drawing machine control system through the controller to calculate the row of wire position and then transmitted to the drive caused by the time delay, affirmed the row of wire delay to minimize.

The drawing machine system is a speed control requirement that is very high, a mechanical device that can provide a very accurate and smooth linear velocity. The drawing machine is used for the higher requirements of ordinary plastic wire drawing machine. The whole system is more complex, control equipment, requiring coordination between the various motors. The system uses four servo motor control, the Kinco servo bus communication support, fully satisfies the real-time data between each group of axes between the real-time data exchange servo. In the system view where the interaction between the fast motor shafts is required, in order to ensure that the line of the side of the track is required to be calculated quickly, we also make full use of the servo internal firmware function KINCO, calculated by the drive itself , Self-driven motor line, greatly omitted the traditional wire drawing machine control system to calculate the position of the line, and then due to the time delay sent to the drive, to ensure that the line line to minimize the delay through the controller.

The working principle of the drawing machine

Pull the head of the continuous production equipment, by gradually drawing by the composition of a number of wire drawing machine, disposable cold drawn steel wire, copper wire, wire and other required specifications, and finished product winding winding work efficiency is relatively high, equipment area area drawing The machine is driven by several parts of the line, drawing, water cooling, wire and cable, including electric drive is mainly driven by actinomics motor cable motor motor to achieve its production quality and efficiency is essential for the enterprise. Drawing machine, mainly by some basic steps of the wire drawing process, the accuracy of the requirements of the whole link is not too high, drawing machine, plastic wire drawing machine control, mechanical drawing, put the line to operate the inverter decision to drive the weight frame, But there are some double-frequency control of the mechanical drawing, and even can be sent directly to the drawing of the chain tension draft wire drawing machine, to achieve free off the line, drawing the link is the most important aspect of our work in the machine.