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The Reason For The Small Flow During The Operation Of The Screw Pump
May 31, 2018

The reason for the small flow during the operation of the screw pump:

1. Leakage or blockage in the suction line.

2. Cavitation occurs in the pump.

3. The rod and sleeve wear reduce the volumetric efficiency of the pump.

4 safety valve is not closed or foreign objects stuck.

5. Material viscosity is too low.

6. The motor speed is not enough.

The processing method is as follows:

1. Eliminate air leaks or clean up blocked areas.

2. Reduce the suction height.

3. Wear parts with changing rods and sleeves.

4. Check if the safety valve is too loose or the valve seat is not tightly fitted. Adjust the spring and grind the sealing flap of the valve flap and the bottom of the valve.

5. Overhaul and replace the mechanical seal.

6. Increase the temperature of the material.

7. Check to repair the motor or replace the motor.