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Pointing Machine Thermosetting Plastics
Jun 15, 2017

Pointing Machine Thermosetting plastics

Metallographic specimen mosaic machine is a mosaic machine (hereinafter referred to as mosaic machine), is not suitable for shaping, not easy to take the small metallographic samples for thermosetting plastic compression. After forming the sample can be easily polished grinding operation, but also conducive to micro-microstructure under the microscope.

product description

The machine is a mechanical mosaic machine, rotating machine in hand hand wheel, through a pair of bevel gears to drive the body of the screw to suppress the mold under the mold in the mold sleeve to move up and down, heat due to plastic with the mosaic of the sample test The sample is shaped under heating. The forming pressure during the preparation of the specimen is automatically compensated by the spring fixed in the machine, and the pressure of the specimen pressing can be indicated by the signal lamp.

The mosaic machine configuration digital thermostat, in order to achieve real-time temperature display and temperature settings, configure the timer, and thus to achieve the semi-automatic sample preparation, greatly improving the work efficiency. Each mosaic preparation time of 8-10 minutes, can be smooth as the ideal sample of the mirror.

Working conditions

1, the altitude of not more than 1000 meters;

2, the surrounding medium temperature does not exceed +40 ℃, not at the end of -10 ℃;

3, the relative humidity in the air is not greater than 85% (at 20 ℃);

4, no obvious vibration and significant bumps;

5, there is no conductive around the dust, explosive gas, and can seriously damage the metal and insulation of corrosive gases.

The formation of metallographic mosaic samples is formed by the use of phenolic plastic powder (black) or urea formaldehyde powder (white, commonly known as electric jade powder) in a specific mold through the formation of high temperature and high pressure, automatic metallization mosaic in the process of making samples Greatly improve the use of the safety performance:

product description

ZXQ-1 automatic metallographic facies mosaic, is the sample mosaic, grinding a process before, for small and difficult to hand or irregular metallographic rock phase mosaic. It is also advantageous to observe the organization of the material under the metallographic microscope after grinding and grinding.

The machine can automatically heat up, press, to press the automatic deformation after pressing pressure, and then press the button to automatically suppress the sample automatically up, you can pick up. Note: only limited to thermosetting materials (such as electricity urea formaldehyde plastic powder, bakelite powder and the like), the temperature has been adjusted and automatic.