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Mechanical Operation Is Facing Greater Difficulties
Jan 03, 2017

This year, the economic operation of machinery industry face greater difficulties, the main indicators of economic growth the lowest since the international financial crisis. "In the recently held a seven-second member of China mechanical industry quality control Association expanded on Chinese machinery Federation Executive Vice President Chen noted that 2015 1 ~ November machinery industrial added value growth rate lower than the national average level, profit growth rate is lower than the main business income, new normal operation of machinery industry under the new situation.

End of October 2015, according to the directives of the leadership of the State Council, machinery industry Federation of Professional Association recommended 10 companies for research, research in General can be summarized as: parts companies in the host enterprises, private enterprises well in State-owned enterprises. Chen said reflects the difficulties and problems is excess capacity, a lack of demand, the burden is heavier and competition unfair.

Downward pressure on our domestic economy are still large. According to the National Bureau of statistics, 2015-1 ~ November mechanical growth rate of industrial added value of accumulated an increase of 5.3%, lower than the national industrial 0.8%, 1.7% below the national manufacturing. November accelerated significantly increased in the month, an increase of 6.7% in October, up 1.4%, including car manufacturing in November from 13% in October, up 5.7%.