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A New Integral Helix Armored Hose With Linear Drive
Feb 11, 2019

Our company has invented a new type of helix steel belt armour machine: The technical effect of the invention: Compared with the existing technology, the new type of metal spiral armoured hose machine can directly drive the workpiece to rotate at a high speed by using power mechanism, which solves the problem that many wearable and fragile accessories are needed to drive the workpiece when driving, with high cost, high energy consumption, low production efficiency and product combination. The magnetic field control motor and servo motor are combined to produce high-speed rotation of the power drive head, which effectively improves the gravitational stability of the product, greatly improves the qualified rate of the product, reduces energy consumption and is easy to operate. The new metal spiral armoured hose machine of the invention can reduce the cumbersome transmission steps of the existing armoured hose machine, reduce the production cost, including the cost of consumables and periodic maintenance, improve the work efficiency, and make the qualified rate of the product reach 100%.

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