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Classification Of Armoured Cable
Aug 02, 2018

Classification of armoured cable

1, indoor armoured optical cable:

There is a single and double sheathing (indoor cable). The single - core armoured cable structure is as follows:

Single core single mode indoor armoured cable (mono)

Single core single mode indoor armoured cable (mono)

Tight wrapped fiber + aramid (pulling resistance) + stainless steel hose (the effect of compression, anti bending, anti mouse bite) + stainless steel wire (acting as anti twist) + outer sheath (usually using PVC, according to different effects, flame retardant PVC, LSZH, Teflon, silica gel tube, etc.)

The single armour refers to the fiber optic cable that does not contain stainless steel braided wire.

Double armour refers to the optical fiber cable with stainless steel hose and stainless steel braided wire.

Advantages: high tensile strength, high compression resistance, anti mouse bite, resistance to improper twisting and bending damage; simple construction, saving maintenance cost; adapting to various bad environment and man-made damage.

Disadvantage: weight is heavier than ordinary optical fiber cable. The price is higher than the ordinary fiber cable.

Single core single mode indoor armoured cable (double armour)

Single core single mode indoor armoured cable (double armour)

2. Outdoor armoured optical cable:

There are light armour and heavy armor (outdoor cable). The light armor is made of steel strips and aluminum strips, which strengthen and prevent rodent bite. Heavy armour is wrapped outside a circle of steel wire, generally used for river bed and seabed. On the market, armoured fiber optic cables are generally more expensive than non-armoured fiber optic cables, usually steel and aluminum strips are much cheaper than aramid (aramid is mainly used for special occasions).

Press material according to metal armour