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China Mechanical Industry Market Demand Changes
Jan 03, 2017

Last year, China's machinery industry slowdown in economic growth, but the main economic indicators are still positive growth; market places where policy guidance, restructuring was accelerated, intensified transformation and upgrading. "China machinery industry Federation Executive Vice President Chen recently held in 2015 year machinery industry said at a press conference of the economic situation, machinery industry added value growth rate lower than the national average industrial growth in recent years, few, underscores the gravity of the situation.

In 2015, the machinery industry value added grew by 5.5%, below the 4.5% growth last year, lower than the national average industrial growth in the same period (6.1%) 0.6%. Low-end products because of excess production capacity, insufficient market demand, led to decline in machinery orders, prices are low. 2015 machinery industry key contact enterprises to accumulated orders continued the weakness a year ago, and further down, up has always been a negative growth in January-December, down 4.02%. Chen said that demand remains for some time in the future machinery industry is expected to be one of the key challenges facing.