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Cable Casing Machine The Cutting Of The Hose
Oct 30, 2017

Cable Casing Machine The cutting of the hose

Metal material cutting machine is divided into flame cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine, water knife cutting machine, etc.

Non-metal material cutter is mainly cutter cutting machine.

The cutting machine is divided from the control mode, divided into CNC cutting machine and manual cutting machine.

Numerical control cutting machine is used to drive the movement of machine tool with digital program. As the machine tool moves, the cutting tool of the random bandage cuts the object. This mechanically-integrated cutting machine is called nc cutting machine.

Laser cutting machine is the most efficient, cutting precision and the cutting thickness is generally small. The cutting speed of plasma cutting machine is also very fast, and the cutting surface has certain slope. Flame cutting machine is aimed at heavy carbon steel material.

The classification of the cutter is so many that each of the different cutting machines has different functions. Such as hose automatic cutting machine is mainly for hose cutting, automatic sealing strip cutting machine is mainly for sealing strip cutting, rubber automatic cutting machine is mainly for rubber cutting, without the scope of using kinds of cutting machine are also different. 1. Into compound development. Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of rubber cutting technology, the practical technology and the practical technology of compound machining are becoming more and more perfect. The machine machine can now complete different kinds of tasks, and various production requirements. The technique of mechanical manufacturing and the technology of composite machining will be the more perfect production techniques and production methods in the future. Now rubber automatic cutting machine is also more attention to the combination of these two technologies can bring development, research and development to create can have multiple USES, better to complete the production requirements of rubber automatic cutting machine.

2. The following rubber automatic cutting machine should be able to achieve full intelligence. The previous manual operation of the cutting machine was inefficient and poor quality, which could not meet the requirements of the current society for rubber cutting machines. The future rubber cutting machine should be controlled by the computer, like other mechanical equipment, towards the numerical control, intelligent direction development.

3. The continuous development of the social industry has led to the continuous high accuracy of rubber automatic cutting machines. So we must accelerate the development and manufacturing. The design is more reasonable, more precise rubber automatic cutting machine to meet the requirements of the present society. To learn to conform to The Times, improve the accuracy of rubber automatic cutting machine.

The future trend should be flexible. Flexible automation technology can be learned in other industries. For rubber parts that require complex cutting, precision and requirements can be guaranteed to increase efficiency. The flexible technology is in compliance with the requirements of The Times.

5. The realization of computer and rubber cutting machine is related, so that rubber automatic cutting machine can be more automatic. You can do numerical control. Only better computer control and management can be used to achieve better results.