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Cable Casing Machine Heating Method
Jul 03, 2017

Cable Casing Machine heating method

From the heating of hot water to divide the way, the main boiler are hot and volumetric two, that is, hot models are divided into tube-type boiler and plate-type boiler, such as Germany, Granville is the board Change, Bosch is the two have. Two models there is a big difference, so buy the best choice for the first choice of boiler, select the brand. First, the principle of heat transfer: casing heat exchanger tube tube tube heat exchanger, living hot water casing is nested in the main heat exchanger, the priority of running hot water by the pump start and stop to control, when Life hot water running pump to stop working, through the main heat exchanger within a high temperature water heating casing within the hot water. Plate-type exchange is through a plate heat exchanger to heat the hot water, the priority of running hot water by the electric three-way valve to complete, when there is hot water demand, the electric three-way valve will be the main heat exchanger A high temperature water into the board for heating domestic hot water. Second, the technical comparison: 1, the life of hot water comfort in the use of domestic hot water process, when the user temporarily shut down the production of hot water and open in a short time, because the main heat of the water is not flowing, the main heat exchanger waste heat and A high temperature of the water will continue to heat the life of the casing, then open the hot water when there will be a period of high temperature water, resulting in hot and cold hot water, and even burn users. Plate exchange heat transfer form can completely avoid this problem, the use of safe and comfortable hot water. 2, scaling When the heating operation, a high-temperature water will be on the casing of domestic hot water for continuous heating, resulting in high temperature scaling; when the use of hot water or temporary closure of the water, because the main water is not the flow of water, the main Heat exchanger heat and a high temperature of the water will continue to heat the life of the casing, will also cause high temperature scaling, with the increase in the use of time, the scale will be thicker and thicker, affecting the efficiency of the use of boiler, especially water quality Harder areas, often clogged.

Plate-type heat exchange form due to the use of secondary plate exchange heat, the primary side of the closed system, the hot water side of the water temperature are generally limited to 60 ℃ below (the actual use of water temperatures are below 50 ℃), 60 ℃ below difficult to knot Scale, plate for the demolition and cleaning is also very convenient. 3, the life of life When the use of hot water or temporary closure, because the main heat of the water is not flowing, the main heat exchanger heat can not be taken away in time, resulting in local high temperature, affecting the service life. Plate exchange heat form When the hot water after the end of the water pump will delay the operation for some time, can effectively avoid local high temperature. Third, the structure and price comparison: casing machine without electricity three-way valve, there is no separate living hot water heat exchanger, so the structure and control is simple, the price is relatively cheap. Board replacement machine as a result of an increase of life hot water board and electric three-way valve, the internal components are relatively more, the price is more expensive.

Casing machines are generally referred to as economical models, board replacement machines are known as comfortable models, such as Bosch's Eurostar has a casing economy ZWE (E for Economy) and board for comfortable ZWC (C: Comfort ) Two series. Fourth, the product model comparison: casing machine easy to scale, in the life of hot water use of the start and stop process there will be overheating and other phenomena, the heat exchanger determines the casing machine can not do too much, the power of casing machine To 18,24 KW-based, the current market to the maximum 28kW. Board replacement from the structure, design, function, use can effectively reduce the risk of scaling. Effectively avoid the casing in the use of the process of overheating and other phenomena, the safety of hot water more comfortable. At present in the domestic boiler market, the German Granville to be the most influential products, occupy the first list of the boiler.