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Cable Casing Machine Different Use
Aug 11, 2017

Cable Casing Machine Different use

Hose automatic cutting machine daily maintenance

Now the continuous development of society, people for the continuous improvement of quality of life, the quality of the products required are getting higher and higher, so people for the cutting process requirements are getting higher and higher.

Now the hose automatic cutting machine are all automatic or semi-automatic high-tech equipment. There are many types and different uses, such as automatic hose automatic cutting machine, rubber automatic hoses automatic cutting machine, sealing automatic hoses automatic cutting machine, no chip automatic hose automatic cutting machine, etc.

Then the hose automatic cutting machine how to carry out daily maintenance and maintenance it

1. Every working day must clean the machine and rail dirt, so that the bed to keep clean, off the gas and power off the get off work, while emptying the machine tube in the remaining gas.

2. If you leave the machine for a long time to turn off the power to prevent non-professional operation.

3. observe the machine horizontal, longitudinal rails and rack surface with or without lubricants, so that it is good to maintain lubrication! 3. Weekly maintenance and maintenance:

1. Weekly to the machine to conduct a comprehensive clean, horizontal, vertical rails, transmission gear rack cleaning, filling lubricants.

2. Check the horizontal and vertical wrenches are working properly, if not properly replaced.

3. Check all torch is loose, clean up the ignition of the garbage, so that the ignition to maintain normal.

4. If you automatically increase the device, the test is sensitive, whether to replace the probe.

5. Check the plasma cutting tip and the electrode is damaged, whether the need to replace the cut mouth and electrode.

Hose automatic cutting machine to improve the efficiency of production, lower production costs, the uniformity of the cutting products. Can do very well

   Hose automatic cutting machine for medium-sized factories or small assembly line operations. Very safe and easy to operate.

Hose automatic cutting machine work fast, easy to operate, straight cutting, low noise. Hose automatic cutting machine safe and reliable. Hose automatic cutting machine has exhaust pipe, pneumatic, foot switch control.

  Hose automatic cutting machine manufacturers will continue to be based on industrial advantages, all the way to sing, all the way forge ahead, with first-class products and services to meet the needs of different customers, I plant will use their own enthusiasm, sincere friends, seeking extensive cooperation, Co-prosperity and development.