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Cable Casing Machine Cutting Machine Industry
Oct 19, 2017

Cable Casing Machine Cutting machine industry

China 's cutting machine industry living conditions

 1, cutting machine situation

National production of cutting machine more than 40 enterprises to private, individual, joint-stock enterprises mostly. Welding and cutting machine in 2000 statistics: door cutting machine 380, car cutting machine 14650, plasma cutting machine 10500, welding torch 2.5 million sets, cut mouth 1.89 million.

China's CNC cutting machine industry is relatively late, there are more than a dozen CNC cutting machine manufacturers, the annual market demand of about 350-400 units, the basic to meet the domestic market demand, imports of less than 10% of the total market. ), They have been technically strong support of foreign technology, so the product in a leading position in the country.

China's cutting industry product development to break the traditional line between welding and cutting, its products have been cross-welding, cutting the two major industries, many companies also produce welding and cutting equipment.

Cutting machine industry problems:

(1) the market disorderly competition, performance in each other belittle, lower prices, dig each other;

(2) R & D investment less, or no investment;

(3) in the machinery and control level with foreign products is not very different, but the foreign control system is not thoroughly understood, only stay in the level of application;

(4) there is no cooperation between enterprises, can not unite to open up the market, such as the procurement of parts on the enterprise concentration will reduce costs.

2, welding auxiliary equipment and equipment situation

The welding auxiliary equipment should be equipped with welding equipment, which covers a wide range, including groove processing equipment, welding fixture, welding positioner, welding operation machine, welding parts post-processing equipment, special sets of welding equipment, robot workstations And welding production lines. China has 24 welding equipment manufacturing enterprises, the annual output of more than 20 million has more than 10. Some enterprises are developing faster, and has a larger scale, some welding equipment has been achieved mass production.

At present, China has been able to produce 8m × 10m heavy-duty column-beam operation machine, heavy-duty welding roller frame of the largest tonnage of 400T. Automatic anti-channeling roller frame has been successfully developed and put into operation for many years, anti-channeling accuracy of ± 1.5mm. Welding positioner has been serialized production, the maximum carrying capacity of 100T.

The production of domestic welding equipment has formed a certain scale, product quality is close to the international level. Production of wire feeder, all kinds of guns and various types of gun body accessories, welding tongs, conductive mouth, pressure reducer, flow meters, welding masks, electrode flux drying equipment, ceramic nozzles and other products specializing in the production of a total of 34 enterprises, Annual output value of more than 100 million yuan. Which has been with a number of domestic manufacturers of welding torch manufacturers group, the production scale is very large, in 2001 the total output of welding torch has reached 90 million yuan.