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Cable Armoring Machine Using Speed Motor
Sep 05, 2017

Cable Armoring Machine Using speed motor

How does the cable armor operate?

1, cable cable armor machine before starting, should be installed on the required strip or copper and lock the nut. 2, boot, release the variable speed adjustment handle (if the adjustment of the location, the speed motor is not easy to start, should pay special attention to the operation method), the use of speed motor slow rotation, and then transfer continuously variable transmission Knob to make it compatible with the armored cable. 3, the adjustment of steel or copper: the first boot, according to the bandwidth and the speed of the package armor, adjust the guide rod on the fixed guide wheel, Ken or Ken, the angle should be based on the actual speed and bandwidth, To make adjustments. 4, cable cable armor machine using speed motor and CVT dual role, to adjust the bandwidth armored around the gap when the package. Cage cable armor and frame cable armor machine difference, what are the characteristics?

1, the cage hoist mechanism installed in the winch of the active gear at one end, planetary gear retreat device can also adjust the degree of retreat, commonly used in power cables into the cable machine in a variety of cage cutter.

2, there are two twisting device: connecting rod and planetary gear type.

3, which way three traction? Single traction wheel, double traction wheel and covered traction

Single traction wheel type cable armor machine commonly used in a form, stranded on the wheel surface after winding a few laps lead to the collection line mechanism, a single traction wheel must have a wire device, a sub-line dial line and sub-ring Two lines.

Recently in the cable armor machine collection device gradually used to separate the distance from the motor to drive the line, take the power from the traction wheel does not need to turn, and the change in the speed of the reel from the torque motor to ensure the characteristics.

4, the cable body has recently adopted a non-threaded optical fiber rod cable body, the pole on the thread without screws, equipped with three rotatable ring, the use of circular and poles of the intersection angle and friction to produce reciprocating cable movement, Adjust the size and aspect of the ring and the light bar, you can get different cable pitch and direction.

Fourth, fork cable armor machine

Due to the compact structure of the forked winch, the paycress is placed close to the rotating hollow shaft, and there is no floating cradle part of the cage cutter. Therefore, the speed of the fork can be improved and the productivity is higher than that of the same type Low, but the disadvantage is no retreat device, commonly used in the manufacture of copper and aluminum wire and pressure wire and other conductors.

Fifth, the box type cable armor machine

Its speed than the same specifications of the cage cutter doubled, do not have a tugboat. Disadvantages are not back twist, apply to tight round, fan-shaped stranded conductor, aluminum wire, ACSR and split conductor preload and so on.