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Cable Armoring Machine Product Manual
Sep 18, 2017

Cable Armoring Machine product manual

Specifically explain the cable armor machine product instructions and use, tell us before touching the cable armor machine need to pay attention to what.

      Cable armor machine is mainly used for large cross-section submarine cable, vertical laying cable 90 steel single-layer armor. 42 or 48 inner layers, 48 with steel wire outer armor, at the same time to complete the coating asphalt, non-metallic winding, just with the bag function.

Steel wire stress device effect is obvious.

      The main shaft of the winch is made of integral seamless steel pipe. The winch is connected with the main shaft through the tightening sleeve, the coaxiality of the winch is high, the rigidity of the spindle is large,

     Tire with a new wear-resistant alloy material, compared with the traditional phenolic laminate treadmill abrasion resistance greatly improved 2500 traction device using natural sub-line, to avoid the cable and traction wheel abrasion and crush can be achieved single, double steel Armor, armor cable maximum diameter of 120. single wire diameter, so its scope of application is greater, the main winch high speed, the emergence of fast, high production efficiency.

Cable armor machine manufacturers tell you about how the armored machine operation

1, cable armor machine before starting, should be fitted with the required strip or copper and lock the nut. 2, boot, release the variable speed adjustment handle (if the adjustment of the location, the speed motor is not easy to start, should pay special attention to the operation method), the use of speed motor slow rotation, and then transfer continuously variable transmission Knob to make it compatible with the armored cable. 3, the adjustment of steel or copper: the first boot, according to the bandwidth and the speed of the package armor, adjust the guide rod on the fixed guide wheel, Ken or Ken, the angle should be based on the actual speed and bandwidth, To make adjustments. 4, cable armor machine using speed motor and CVT dual role, to adjust the bandwidth armored around the gap when the package.

For the stranding machine, the pay-off line often plays a major role, the type of stranding machine is often named to the size of the line part, and the beam machine is the main part of the take-up line, the type of beam machine, according to it Part of the size of the line to name.

One, beam machine

As the beam machine running in the take-up part of the transmission are installed in the rotation of the column, which determines the beam machine can only be made into a twisted, smaller specifications of the product.

The most commonly used double-pitch beam machine is characterized by fast speed, high production efficiency, the most advanced beam machine speed up to 3600r / min, 7000 pitch / min.

Second, the tube stranding machine

Tube-type stranding machine (tube cutter) is a high-speed stranded twisting machine, the quality of its twisted strand with the twist of the cage cutter the same, while the productivity is much higher than the tube cutter specifications and models are The number of reel discs and the diameter of the reel to distinguish, commonly used pipe cutter has 6, 12, 18 and so on several, the diameter of the reel is 200mm, 400mm, 500mm, 630mm and so on.