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Cable Armoring Machine Mechanical Function
Jul 03, 2017

Cable Armoring Machine Mechanical function

Since the fiber has been available, because of the fiber's own raw materials, the use of fiber in a variety of environments, it is necessary to be processed into a corresponding mechanical function of the cable, to ensure that the fiber in the laying, installation, maintenance, maintenance process to ensure their own safety , To ensure that the network to clear. The fiber itself in the resistance to side pressure and impact resistance, is a very thin link. There are many use of outdoor fiber optic cable, indoor cable, in a messy environment and not in these functions to give the foundation to ensure.

    At present, the domestic cable into the room broadband users, need to be connected to the network through the optical transceiver to the client, then we can direct cable cable? How to deal with from the Guangduan Ji to the customer computer this interval of indoor cable, obviously the general cable cable jump, compression, anti-rat bite function can not meet the needs of Suzhou Rui Yuan Machinery Co., Ltd. developed the "flexible steel pipe armored fiber equipment (Armored cable machine) "is the bare fiber and a variety of tight sets of fiber through a special processing technology, with a certain organization to describe, in the fiber around a layer of flat type spiral stainless steel, without affecting the fiber Its own with a variety of winning optical function, plus a variety of reinforcement and cable sheathing products after the main features of armored steel pipe are:

(1) to deal with the bare fiber anti-lateral pressure, impact resistance, anti-rat bite maintenance problems;

(2) the layout of the cable is more reasonable, more simple, more successful;

(3) reduce the cost of cable, cut resources spoil;

(4) to change the product's existing functions and layouts according to the customer's needs;

(5) Machinable for more sophisticated armored cable.

The current wire and cable of the main raw materials, copper and aluminum prices have been in a high vibration, which wire and cable companies to produce a lot of business difficulties. In the acquisition process, all the raw materials, equipment, auxiliary materials have set up more than two qualified supplier files, and the use of bidding and parity in the form of a combination of acquisition. On the one hand to determine the price of copper, aluminum prices; on the other hand in the low acquisition, full inventory. (1) to actively raise funds to ensure the safe operation of production and operation, in particular to ensure the timely performance of the contract. (B) active discussion of raw materials shopping malls, according to the order situation, after hedging and other tactics to avoid some dangers. (C) improve the internal level of the company, to strengthen the information for the timely preparation of the transfer of shopping malls information. (4) relying on technology development, production of shopping malls need new products; optimize the level of technology, improve the technological content of products, lower production costs; (E) to speed up the purchase of money, improve the utilization rate of funds. On the one hand through the customer, and users to establish an excellent link to enable users to accelerate the progress of payment, increase the share of prepaid payment for the user service. On the other hand increase customer service efforts, very good for customer service. (6) to implement the "vertical integration, horizontal correlation" strategy.