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Cable Armoring Machine Main Component
Jul 14, 2017

Cable Armoring Machine main component

Steel wire armor machine can actually be called cage cutter, cage cutter by the reel plate installation is divided into: cradle cage cutter, fork cage cutter, cylinder stranding machine and box-shaped stranding machine The Steel wire armor is actually a cradle-style cage cutter, characterized by a retractable mechanism, monofilament delamination is not scratched, but relatively slow compared to other forms of cage cutter. Specifically refer to: JB / T 5817 or JB / T 5818. Wire and cable mainly include bare wire, electronic wire, magnet wire and electrical appliances with insulated wire, power cable, communication cable and cable. Wire and cable is used for power, communications and related transmission materials. "Wire" and "cable" are not strictly bound. Usually less than the core number, the product diameter is small, the structure of a simple product called the wire, no insulation called bare wire, the other known as the cable; conductor cross-sectional area larger (greater than 6 square millimeters) known as large wire, Small (less than or equal to 6 square millimeters) is called a small wire, insulated wire, also known as cloth wire. Wire and cable mainly include bare wire, magnetic wire and electrical appliances with insulated wires, power cables, communication cables and fiber optic cable. Cable has power cable, control cable, compensation cable, shielded cable, high temperature cable, computer cable, signal cable, coaxial cable, fire-resistant cable, marine cable and so on. They are composed of multi-strand wire, used to connect the circuit, electrical appliances and so on.

Into a cable machine equipment

Line feeder, stranded body, wire mold seat, around the charter, armor, meter meter, traction device, the collection line frame, transmission system and electrical system.

The main component of the cable machine


The structure is roughly similar to the winch of the stranding machine, and the reel is placed on the winch. Different types of cable machine cable tray frame number is different, large cable machine is generally 3 or 6 trays, small cable machine can have 18 or 24 or even more trays. There is a brake on each frame of the winch to control the tension of the core during stranding. The speed of the winch is adjusted with a variable speed gear, and the direction of rotation can also be changed. There are some fixed struts in the front of the winch for the filling of the rope.

2. Mold

And the thread can be replaced according to need, its role is to make a few insulated wire core, twisted into the correct circular cable.

3. take the lead

The structure is similar to the paper head, and there are usually three or six straps that are used to wrap the tape, tape, glass tape, or film tape outside the cable core.

Traction machine

Consists of a large diameter wheel and a dial ring to the linear movement of the core, and can adjust the speed of the device part of the twist pitch is mainly through the traction speed to control.

5. Receiving device

Used to wrap the stranded cable on the reel, the storage speed should be combined with the speed of traction.

6. Place the centerline with the pay-off frame.

The main features of the cable machine

1, variety, full specifications, for wide, the user can choose the appropriate cable into the equipment.

2, with a twist and not twisting function. Retreat method has a retreat twist ring retreat and planetary wheel retreat and sprocket retreat.

3, pre-twist form of sub-manual pre-twist and electric pre-twist, reel clamping sub-manual and electric clamping, take the line points and shaft-free form.