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Cable Armoring Machine Automatic Tension Control
Oct 30, 2017

Cable Armoring Machine Automatic tension control

Technical characteristics of cable armor

Cable armor machine is also known as high-speed cable armor, beam machine, and wire machine.

Cable armoring machine USES is widely applied in all kinds of soft/hard conductor (copper wire, enameled wire, tin wire, copper clad steel, copper clad aluminum, etc.) and electronic wire twisted, such as: the power cord, telephone lines, audio lines, video lines, car line network lines, etc. The multi-root single conductor is twisted into one strand to reach the wire technology.

Technical features:

1. The maximum speed of cable armor is 3000rpm.

2. Automatic tension control: when the winch is in line, the tension of the receiving line should increase continuously from the bottom of the disk, and the automatic tracking and adjusting the tension of the receiving line; Make the wire tension uniform, and the machine can adjust the tension without stopping.

3. The main engine is lubricated by oil and natural circulation cooling, which effectively prolongs the service life of spindle bearing.

The overwire system adopts a new structure, and the conductor directly leads from the main shaft to the bow belt, minus the scratches and the jumping phenomenon caused by the failure of the steering wheel on the aluminum plate.

4. The machine is equipped with three compression devices to ensure the roundness of the conductor and reduce the loss of insulating materials.

5. The whole machine adopts synchronous belt transmission, which has no lubrication point in the machine, keeps the machine clean, has no grease, and ADAPTS to all kinds of surface cleanliness requirements.

6. The adjustment of the heave is only need to replace one of the pilot wheel, and the adjustment of the heave can only be used to trigger the shift lever and simplify the operation, thus reducing the failure rate and working strength of the operator. The engine bearing adopts well-known brands in Japan, bow belt made of new material flexibility is good, at high speed to avoid jumping, caused by vibration frequency converter, PLC, magnetic powder clutch, electromagnetic brake, hydraulic jack, etc all use imported well-known brand, reduce the failure rate and maintenance costs.

Introduction of main technical parameters of cable armor machine

Cable armoring machine is a kind of conductor can be widely used in all kinds of soft/hard line (copper wire, enameled wire, tin wire, copper clad steel, copper clad aluminum, etc.) and electronic line (such as power cords, cables, telephone lines, PVC lines, network lines, etc.) of the twisted machinery and equipment, make more roots twisted into a single conductor, wire process requirement.

1. Machine speed: the higher the speed, the higher the efficiency.

2. Line diameter: the smaller the number, the higher the accuracy. The technical difficulty also increases accordingly.

3. The unbroken area: the smaller the number, the more difficult the technical difficulty.

4. Drive motor: generally adopt frequency conversion control, easy to control the speed of speed.

5. Ground pitch: the smaller the number, the higher the accuracy.

6. Heave to the receiving line: there are two types of right entry and left.

Noise index: reflects the noise size of the machine when it operates.

8. Vibration index: the smaller the number, the smoother the operation.