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Cable Armoring Machine Armor Material
Jun 01, 2017

Steel wire armor machine (stranding machine) is the cable and cable factory cable into the cable, plastic cable, cable control equipment must use, armor materials: copper, steel, aluminum and so on.

Armor machine use

The KK6 is the type of DK400-2, DKR400 / 350-1250, DKR400 / 350-1600, RB400-3T, KD630-2B, RK400 / 630, KD630 / 2, KD630 / 2D, DLK400 / 800-1250 type and other models

Technical parameters of armored machine

1, armored pitch: stepless variable speed adjustable

2, for wire diameter: Φ10 ~ 60mm

3, with disk diameter: Φ400mm

4, steel tape armored plate diameter: 400mm

5, strip width: 15-30mm

6, armor speed: 0-220 r / min

7, mechanical stepless speed regulation: MBW40-4 type

8, drive motor: speed motor 4KW

Installation of armor machine

Cable armor and other equipment supporting the use of the installation location of the user.

Cable armor installation should be buried foot screw, calibration leveling equipment with cement mortar pouring, to be pouring period after the solidification and then open the machine test run.

Cable armor machine on the speed meter wiring, electrical and technical personnel should be wiring.

Armored machine production operation editor

Cable armor Before starting, install the required strip or copper strap and lock the nut.

When the boot, release the stepless speed adjustment handle (if the adjustment of the location, the speed motor is not easy to start, should pay special attention to this operation method), the use of speed motor slow rotation, and then transfer CVT knob, So that it is compatible with the armored cable.

Adjustment of steel strip or copper belt: the initial boot, according to the bandwidth and the speed of the package armor, adjust the guide rod on the fixed guide wheel, Ken or Ken, the angle should be based on the actual speed and bandwidth, diameter adjustment The

Cable armor machine using speed motor and CVT dual role, to adjust the bandwidth armored around the gap when the package.