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Cable Armoring Machine Application Of The Field
Aug 26, 2017

Cable Armoring Machine Application of the field

Armor machine introduction

Armored machine believe that we should be unfamiliar to it, because in life we generally reduce the contact, it is a cable production of auxiliary equipment, the role in our life application is very large, the following information on it To give you a brief introduction.

Basic information about armor machine Overview:

        1, in understanding the armor equipment, first of all we need to understand the armored machine is the use of auxiliary tools cable, and its use is generally closely related with the cable.

        2, armored machine compared with the ordinary armor machine has a good flexibility and creep, in the use of safe and reliable.

        3, armored machine in the course of the use of rust, while it also has anti-bending, compression and other characteristics. In our lives it is applied in the field and scope are very wide.

1, bare wire and bare conductor products

    These types of cables and armor machines are used together to ensure that he stores more intact and reduces the damage to the external environment.

2, power cable

    The power cable is the most common cable used in life, and it is used together with the armor machine, which reduces the external environment for its damage, but also makes it better for practical applications.

3, electrical equipment with wire and cable

    This type of product is very much, while its use is very wide, with the armored machine with its supporting use, making the application of the effect in practice will be better.

For the stranding machine, the line often play a major role, the type of stranding machine often to the size of the part of the line to name, and the beam machine is the main part of the take-up line, the type of beam machine, according to it The size of the line to be named.

One, beam machine

As the beam machine running movements are in the line part, the transmission are installed in the rotating column, which determines the beam machine can only be made into a twisted, smaller specifications of the product.

At present, the most commonly used double pitch beam machine is characterized by fast speed, high production efficiency, the most advanced beam machine speed up to 3600r / min, 7000 pitch / min.

Second, the tube stranding machine

Tube stranding machine (tube cutter) is a high-speed twisting machine, the quality of its twisted strand with the twist of the cage cutter the same, while the productivity is much higher than the tube cutter specifications and models are The number of the reel and the diameter of the reel to distinguish, commonly used pipe cutter has 6, 12, 18 and so on several, the diameter of the reel is 200mm, 400mm, 500mm, 630mm and so on.