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Analysis Of China Packaging Machinery Industry Development Status
Jan 03, 2017

In recent years, the pace of development of China's packaging industry was really encouraging, but through the essence of taste, a potentially dull pain makes people averse to sigh, and then what hinders the development of the industry? where is the way out for China's packaging industry in the future?

Disorderly competition in the packaging industry hindered the progress of industry, businesses ' innovation ' got itself caught in error. On corrugated packaging industry,, China unique of ' concentrated business Board, dispersed business box ' of new cooperation way in Qian years was mainstream media and industry experts touted of weave his magic, seems to only this way to save China of carton industry, but years down whole industry has deeply its injury, this way reduced has carton sequence processing of access threshold, led industry competition disorder, industry innovation weak, some has scale, and has strength of packaging enterprise because profit reduced, and competition fierce and Dim exit or alive, Hindering the industry's restructuring and industrial upgrading.

Packaging machinery has been imitated, never go beyond. Packaging machinery in particular, corrugated packaging industry, from stand-alone to a single machine, then to large production lines, no external imitation and copying, looks like, but the quality has always been the weakness of the domestic equipment. Price of domestic equipment adapted to most customer requirements, but high-end models have been giving way with Europe and America, originality is worse. We have the experience, Germany ' Roland ' or ' Heidelberg ' presses those devices of the last century many still in the carton factory, worthy of respect is the main part is still intact, and the failure rate is very low, compared to domestic equipment warranty repair experience to make people feel much.