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Hose Automatic Cutting Machine Photoelectric Control
Jun 08, 2017

Hose Automatic Cutting Machine Photoelectric control

1. into the complex development. Now the rubber cutting technology continues to improve, the machine is practical technology and composite processing of practical technology more and more perfect. So that machine tools can now complete the different types of tasks, and a variety of production requirements. This technology of mechanical manufacturing plus composite processing technology will be more perfect after the production technology and production methods. Now the rubber automatic cutting machine is also more attention to the combination of these two technologies can bring the development of R & D to create a variety of uses can be better to complete the production requirements of the rubber automatic cutting machine.

2. The next rubber automatic cutting machine should be able to achieve a comprehensive intelligence. The previous manual operation of the cutting machine efficiency is low, poor quality, has been unable to meet the current requirements for the rubber cutting machine. After the rubber cutting machine should be controlled by the computer, and other machinery and equipment, toward the NC, intelligent direction.

3. Now the continuous development of social industry, but also makes the rubber automatic cutting machine requirements of high precision. So be sure to speed up R & D and manufacturing efforts. Design more reasonable, more sophisticated rubber automatic cutting machine to meet the requirements of the community now. To learn to adapt to the times, improve the accuracy of rubber automatic cutting machine.

4. Future trends should be flexible. You can learn from other industries using flexible automation technology, for the need for complex cutting of rubber parts, you can ensure that the accuracy and requirements also increase efficiency. Flexible technology is in line with the requirements of the times.

5. To achieve the computer and rubber cutting machine like the association, making the rubber automatic cutting machine can be more automated. Can be CNC. Now the mechanical equipment only for better computer control and management, in order to play a better effect.

6. Hose automatic cutting machine is the use of photoelectric control and digital control technology cutting equipment (such as photoelectric tracking cutting machine and CNC cutting machine). Photoelectric tracking cutting machine is the proportion of graphics in the pattern, the drawings and steel plates were placed on the track machine and cutting machine can be achieved automatically cut. At present, shipyards, boiler plants, automobile manufacturers and other enterprises are all kinds of domestic or imported photoelectric tracking cutting machine in the production of applications.

7. Semi-automatic cutting is a special machine cutting torch installed in the semi-automatic cutting machine to mechanical transmission to replace the manual operation of the machinery and equipment. Mainly a straight cutting machine, profiling cutting machine and pipe cutting machine and some small cutting machinery. Most of the basic functions and quality of semi-automatic cutting tools have reached the level of industrialized countries, so it has been widely used in industrial production, replacing a large number of manual cutting in a large extent.

8. Hand-cutting the main tool is cutting torch (also known as cutting torch), is the hand of the hand to grasp the cutting speed and the level of cutting the mouth, especially in the long seam and forming cutting process, it is difficult to meet the dimensional accuracy and surface Roughness requirements. Although hand-cutting has its limitations, it is appropriate to use in semi-automatic and automatic cutting inconvenience, especially in the field and aerial work must also be used. Relatively speaking, the production of hand-cutting torch is low, but because the market there is a great demand, so many parts of our country have the production of such products, the specific number can not do detailed statistics.