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Take-up Machines Tropical Steel Mills
Jun 08, 2017

Take-up Machines Tropical steel mills

The coiler is a rolling mill workshop which is rolled up in hot rolled or cold rolled steel and is arranged on a finished stand in a tandem rolling mill (hot rolling mill), a cold strip mill and a wire mill ; In a single stand reversible cold rolling mill is installed in the mill before and after. In addition, it is also installed in continuous pickling units, slitting, annealing, coating and other finishing units.

Cold, tropical steel, wire Due to the characteristics of the product cross-section shape, it is possible to roll the steel into a roll immediately after rolling, so as to increase the weight of the raw material, increase the rolling speed, reduce the rolling head, Provides a strong condition, which led to the product yield and quality improvement; In addition, the rolling of the rolling material to facilitate the delivery, which is the common characteristics of various forms of coiler and role.

Application edits

Coiler has been used in many industries. The coiler is a mechanical device that rolls the product into rolls. In terms of complexity, the metallurgical industry's steel coiler is representative. The coiler is driven by electricity, fluid, etc. Coiler is generally composed of core equipment reel (reel), auxiliary coiling equipment (auxiliary molding equipment) to help roll (forming roll) and so on. In the process of product winding, the product is mainly formed on the reel, the reel is generally dragged by the motor, auxiliary winding equipment to help roll roller is generally used to rotate the motor, the hydraulic cylinder drive roll to help smooth roll [1] .

The coiler is mainly used to roll long rolls into discs or coils. In the modern cold-rolled strip steel workshop, the coiler is also widely used in shear, pickling, grinding after polishing heat treatment, tin and galvanized and other units.

Due to the difference between strip production and wire production, cold strip production and tropical production, the coiler has its own characteristics and functions, which leads to their structural differences. There are many types of winder, which can be divided into three types according to their use and construction:

1) Coiling machine with tension reel

Usually in the cold state of tension under the conditions of rolling steel or strip;

2) Roller coiler

For hot rolled, cold rolled steel and strip;

3) wire and small steel coiler

Coil reel with tension reel is used in reversible or irreversible cold rolled steel or strip rolling lines. This coiler is used not only for coiling (unwinding) rolling but also to produce tension in the rolling, in order to keep the rolling process stable, to make the coil more tight and to make the roll in the feed roll And the direction of rolling from the roll in the right direction. In the rolling process, it is generally necessary to maintain the front tension and the rear tension. With these tensions, it is possible to reduce the pressure on the roll during rolling and to reduce the warpage of the strip, which is conducive to improving the surface quality of the strip.