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Wire Drawing Machine Metal Wire Drawing Machine
Jun 08, 2017

Wire Drawing Machine Metal wire drawing machine

Wire drawing machine is also known as drawing machine, drawing machine English name for the drawing machine, is widely used in industrial applications of machinery and equipment, widely used in machinery manufacturing, metal processing, petrochemical, plastics, bamboo products, wire and cable industries The Drawing machine can be divided into metal wire drawing machine (for the production of prefabricated metal parts such as standard parts), plastic wire drawing machine (for the plastic products industry in polyester, nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester chips for the Raw materials for the production of hollow, solid garden wire or flat wire for deep processing of special equipment), bamboo wire drawing machine (for wood products industry in the production of chopsticks, toothpicks, barbecue sticks, etc. pull out bamboo wire, wood wire re-processing Of the special equipment) and so on.

Metal wire drawing machine

Is the standard parts and other metal products production pre-processing equipment, the purpose is to steel production by the manufacturer to the standard parts and other metal products manufacturing enterprises wire or bar through the drawing machine drawing, so that the diameter of wire or bar, Roundness, the internal metallographic structure, surface finish and straightening have reached the standard parts and other metal products required for the production of raw materials processing requirements. So the wire drawing machine on the wire or bar of the quality of pretreatment directly related to the standard parts, and other metal products manufacturing enterprises product quality. Wire drawing machine is widely used in the production and pre-processing of metal products such as steel wire, wire rope, prestressed steel wire, standard parts and so on.

Plastic wire drawing machine

The main features of the product are free of exhaust gas. The main feature of the plastic wire drawing machine is that the exhaust port is provided on the cylinder and the cylinder is connected with at least two sections. The first section of the barrel of the screw diameter and the subsequent different, do not need plastic mixer mixing, and can suck out the plastic produced in the mixing of water, pull the plastic wire, the thickness of uniform, smooth, easy to break, and work efficiency High, less energy consumption.

June 28, 1999 the State Machinery Industry Bureau issued the current national standard wire drawing machine JB / T 7910-1999, the standard from January 1, 2000 to implement, with immediate effect of this standard instead of JB / T 7910-95 , Wire drawing machine national standard as early as March 1989 to GB 10600-89 first release, in April 1996 adjusted to JB / T 7910-95. The current national standard JB / T 7910-1999 stipulates the type of the drawing machine, the basic parameters of the drawing machine, the technical requirements of the drawing machine, the testing method of the drawing machine, the acceptance rules of the drawing machine, the marking of the drawing machine, packing and transportation With the manufacture of storage and drawing machines.