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Will the triple screw pump reverse
May 16, 2018

Because the three-screw pump is a rotating structure, there is no impediment to forward rotation, but this does not mean that it can be reversed. The three-screw pump is rotational. It must work in accordance with the rotation direction, otherwise it will cause the pump. Imports are exported, and exports are imported, that is, the flow paths are changed. In addition, some structures in the pump chamber, such as stop nuts, are generally matched with the rotation direction. Reverse rotation can cause looseness and pump damage.

When working, the following situations will generally cause the pump to reverse:

1, the reverse rotation of the drive, especially the motor is easy to appear, so the first time you need to start turning on the motor to check the rotation.

2. No one-way valve (check valve) is installed on the output pipe. After the pump is stopped, the oil in the pipe causes the pump to reverse. This situation is best shielded.

3. No one-way valve or gate valve is installed between the outlets of two pumps in parallel. When one pump is turned on, there is oil hitting another pump outlet, causing this pump to reverse. This is also not allowed. Check the valve and replace.