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Why Single Pumps Cannot Be Used as Cargo Pumps
May 15, 2018

1. Because the stator of a single-screw pump is a rubber part and the rotor is meshed and engaged, dry friction is not allowed at all. As a cargo pump, the suction problem is often encountered when scanning a bin, so this is not a problem. Suitable, replaced by a twin screw pump.

2. When the single-screw pump is in operation, due to the design reasons, the screw and the pump casing will definitely contact each other, so the friction coefficient is relatively large. In the same situation, the motor power is higher.

3. The stator of a single-screw pump is easier to wear because it is a rubber part, and even if it is not applicable, the rubber parts will be aged and hardened for a long time, and the replacement cycle will be faster.