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Weak operational Alliance in China
Jan 03, 2017

Weak industry including fire, and building equipment monitoring, and energy management, and intelligent home, and hotel guest control, and intelligent lighting, and video security, and Conference system, and public broadcast, and a cartoon, and integrated wiring, and information network, and system integrated, and anti-mine, more than 10 a system, China weak industry development after more than 30 years of high-speed development, in China has everywhere, weak system of maintenance also increasingly attention, weak shipped dimension network (China weak shipped dimension Union network) since last year October official launched, in country active promotion weak shipped dimension knowledge , By the various systems of business support.

China's weak summary of the purpose of the maintenance Union weak systems frequently asked questions and solutions to integrate weak operation and maintenance technical resources, promotion of operational technology, promote weak system efficiency, help the user or maintenance of engineering units of knowledge. Building China's weak operation production, supply, maintenance, engineering, user industry service platform to help weak operation and maintenance the healthy development of the industry in China, the social effect of energy saving. Welcome friends to join China's weak operation and maintenance in the industry Alliance, let us work together to promote development of China's weak operation Union. Communication, cooperation, win-win is our Union's slogan, is the premise of weak electricity system operation guaranteed.