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The role of armored cable
May 03, 2018

Armored cable refers to a cable with a metal armored protective layer. The purpose of the cable plus the armored layer is not only to increase the mechanical protection elongation service life such as tensile strength and compressive strength, but also to improve the cable's anti-interference performance through shielding protection. 

The commonly used armouring materials include steel belts, steel wires, aluminum belts, and aluminum tubes. Among them, steel belts and wire armored layers have high magnetic permeability and have good magnetic shielding effect. They can be used for anti-low frequency interference and can make The cable is laid directly buried to avoid wearing the tube and it is cheap and practical.

The armored cable mechanical protection layer can be added to any structure of the cable to increase the mechanical strength of the cable and improve the anti-erosion ability. It is a special cable designed for areas that are susceptible to mechanical damage and corrosion. It can be laid in any way and is more suitable for direct laying in rock areas. It is said that some armoured cables are buried wires and cables, and the purpose of the power line transmission power cable plus the armor layer is not only to enhance the tensile strength and compressive strength, but also to extend the service life of the mechanical protection. The resistance to external forces, you can also put some rats to bite, not to cause power transmission problems through armor, armor bending radius should be large, armored layer can be grounded to protect the cable.