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Pressure tube how to fulfil its role of
Jan 03, 2017

Pressure pipe, also called the rubber tube pressure tube, plastic tube sealer and rubber tube locking machine, hose pipe press machine is mainly suitable for mechanical engineering in high pressure rubber pipe Assembly to withhold processing can also withhold bi-directional elbow, King shaped head and elbow.

Pump motor, driven by the output of hydraulic oil, promoted to withhold the piston within the cylinder moves forward, the plunger, the former head of two symmetrical conical clamping sleeve push in the radial contraction of hose crimping module. When contraction if the ruler setting is reached, withheld automatically stops after the solenoid valve, hydraulic oil into the two open mold oil cylinder, push to withhold the plunger reverse movement, clamp drive module recovery under the action of the spring.

Pressure regulator is a pressure tube working mechanism. Pressure in the cylinder drive under the reciprocating motion of the piston, fixed on the front plate spring pressure head constant compression and relaxation. Filled joints in the spring in the round hole in the middle of head position, switch on the motor and driven oil pump oil through control solenoid valve, driving oil cylinder piston moves forward through the press with inner cone hole, compression spring pressure head with the same taper, realize the pressing objective. Open mode button is pressed, piston-driven press movement in the opposite direction, the spring pressure head recovery, you can remove the hose connector from the pressure pipe.