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On development trend of crimping machine, press machine
Jan 03, 2017

1 machine, crimping machine, pressure to develop in the direction of light, mainly in equipment weight, more in terms of reduced volume, typical for a portable manual crimping machine, used for outdoor maintenance.

2, the withholding of the species diversity development machines, pressure pipe, in addition to the traditional horizontal withholding from the market, crimping machines vertical and side opening type to withhold the machine, there are manual crimping machine, press machine, electric crimping machine, press machine and intelligent crimping machine, pipe, etc.

3, crimping machine, the shape of the pipe press machine to diversify, as France Tech check the manual crimping machine will be withheld and mailboxes became one, the withholding of the departure from the traditional profile; United States KULTER company's cart-type crimping machine is completely different from conventional crimping machines.

4, crimping machines, pressure pipe material has changed, such as France's manual crimping machine ' outer shell material is no longer using the traditional steel instead of aluminum.

5, and withheld machine, and pressure tube machine ear various engineering mechanical of combined, formed set variety uses Yu one of equipment, achieved a machine multifunctional, as second artillery Engineering College Feng Yongbao, people according to engineering mechanical site maintenance of features and need, design out car type more uses small hydraulic table, the table set withheld machine, and pressure machine and the hydraulic components experiment, multifunctional Yu one, can site solution maintenance process encountered of problem.