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Jlk (1/2800+4/2500) 2800 Drum Twister Caterpillar Cabling Machine With Armoring
May 16, 2017

Product Detail

Product Description

2.1. Max OD of cableΦ 130mm
2.2. QTY of steel wires for armoring 90PCS
2.3. Max dia. Of steel wiresΦ 3.4mm
2.4. Max dia. Of copper wiresΦ 3.4mm
2.5. Maximum rotating speed of drum twister and pay-off stands35r/min
2.6. Maximum pulling linear speed50m/min
2.7. Maximum pulling force5000KG
2.8. Cable pitch 500-5000mm.

2.9. Maximum rotating speed of non-metal taping machine500r/min
2.10. Maximum rotating speed of metal taping machine360r/min
2.11. Size of central pay-off bobbinPN2800mm*1
2.12. Side pay-off bobbin size PN 2500mm *4
2.13Size of rotary motor take-up bobbinPN2800mm
2.14Central height of line1000mm
2.15Motor Power for rotary motor take up stand N=75KW