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Introduction to steel wire fusing machines
Jan 03, 2017

Rope fuse machine of design main is for various seals wire rope, and lock with wire rope, and sealed article wire rope, and Shi blockade, of production processing industry bulk of wire rope fuse Hou again mill pointed and solution artificial processing quality not stable, and process range, and and increasingly serious of labor difficult situation, rope fuse function save human, and save multiple process to reduced production cost improve capacity of full automation equipment, can a people while custody more Taiwan equipment.

Steel wire fusing machines are widely used in medical equipment, auto parts, building security, Office furniture, bicycles, sports equipment, Shi blockade on industries such as wire rope automatically cut off any specifications. Precision touch type computer-controlled systems, fusing condition setting and change easier, can get good links.

The machine consists of a frame, dynamic parts and moving parts. Control cabinet formed by the micro-computer, touch screen centralized control of each parameter, procedure time and variable frequency heating current is continuously adjustable. Feeding by servo motor, variable frequency heating, Pneumatic clamping, motor driven rotation of twisting, products are sent out automatically. Advanced control technology, stable performance, high dimensional accuracy accuracy, with positive inversion function. The main parts of Japan, and Taiwan and famous European company components, machines undergo strict testing before delivery, please rest assured that use.