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How to use the screw pump correctly
Apr 24, 2018

Screw pump use common sense:

1. When the screw pump's parking screw pump is stopped, the discharge stop valve should be closed first, and the suction stop valve should be closed after the pump is completely stopped. Due to the large length of the working screw and poor rigidity, the screw pump can easily cause bending and cause abnormal work. The connection to the shafting system must be well centered; the alignment work is preferably carried out after installation and positioning so as to avoid deformation caused by pipeline incompatibility; the pipelines should be fixed independently and the involvement of the pump should be minimized. In addition, the spare screw should be suspended and fixed during storage to avoid deformation due to uneven placement.

2. The screw pump should be started with the suction stop valve fully open to prevent overload or suction. Although the screw pump has a dry suction capability, it must be prevented from running dry so as not to scratch the work surface. If the pump needs to be started with very low oil temperature or high viscosity, the screw pump should be started with the suction and exhaust valves and the bypass valve fully open, so that the load at the start of the pump is minimum until the prime mover reaches the rated speed. Then gradually close the bypass valve. When the bypass valve is opened, the liquid is continuously circulated in the pump under the condition of throttling. The more oil circulating, the longer the cycle time, the more serious the heating of the liquid, and even cause the pump to Deformation due to deformation at high temperatures must be noticed.

3. Operation of the screw pump The screw pump must be operated in a predetermined direction in order to produce a certain suction line. When working with the pump, check the pressure, temperature, and mechanical shaft seals. A small amount of leakage should be allowed for the shaft seal. If the leakage does not exceed 20 to 30 drops per second, it is considered normal. If the screw pump produces noise during operation, this is often due to oil temperature is too low, the viscosity of the oil is too high, the oil enters the air, the coupling is lost or the pump is excessively worn.