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How to tell the quality of pressure pipe
Jan 03, 2017

We provide pipe press machine is a professional manufacturer, how to distinguish the quality of pressure pipe?

Small series to introduce you to the following:

1, the selection is done by Visual observation of pressure pipe of hydraulic parts and electrical components as brand-name products or regular factory production; whether the circuit configuration structured; petrol station pipe design is reasonable; there is no oil leakage at the connection. Through Visual inspection, detection can proceed to the next step.

2, power up the device starts running sound is normal. If there is abnormal noise, often because the motor and pump

Install the coaxial degree caused by substandard, another possibility is that because pump displacement and selection of pipe diameter without reasonable cause, then there is

Due to the use of the motor or the pump caused by the quality is not very good.

3, and finally to measure the main parameters of the equipment