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How to choose the cable casing
Apr 25, 2018

This line depends on the thickness of the cable, and then look at the function you want to achieve to choose different casing, most choose PVC pipe.

Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC-C) Bushings for Cables

1. It is not necessary to pour concrete and protective layers on the construction site;

2. High strength, flame retardant, smoke suppression, heat resistance, long service life;

3 flaring socket, the junction of high-temperature rubber ring waterproof, adapt to thermal expansion and contraction;

4. Convenient construction, low construction costs, greatly shorten the construction period, and have significant economic benefits;

5. Excellent corrosion resistance: PVC-C is resistant to acids, alkalis, salts and other chemical solvents, and does not crack when exposed to grease.

6. Good flexibility, high temperature resistance. Vicat softening temperature of 93 °C or more, when the cable is not easy to deform;

7. Lightweight: The density of PVC-C is 1450-1650kg/m, the weight is generally 1/10 of that of similar pressure pipes, 1/6 of steel pipes, convenient for transportation and installation;

8. Superior performance to price ratio: PVC-C pipes are slightly lower than similar cement pressure pipes, 20% lower than similar steel pipes, and the overall cost can be reduced by 15%.