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Hose automatic cutting machine use method
Apr 09, 2018

For first hose automatic cutting machine, we should first open the machine cover, injecting about 56 liters of clean antiwear hydraulic oil, and then turn the main switch is mounted on the machine side. If the mold automatically acts, it means that the direction of rotation of the motor is correct. If there is no action, it means that the motor is reversed. We should replace the random 2 wires of the 3 wires in the connector lugs. These operations can only be performed after the power is turned off. After 10-20 empty hoops, we can use it after observing that all parts are normal. When using a tube lock in the winter, 20-30 idle runs should be performed to slightly increase the oil temperature and increase the service life of the machine.

After opening the main power switch, according to the specifications of the hoop hose, select the appropriate mold and install it on the mold base. Place the rubber hose with the joint in the proper locking position so that the entire length is clamped once. Press the "Clamping" button or press the foot switch once to perform hoop operation. After 3 seconds at the collar size, the mold opens to the set point. Remove the hoop hose assembly. Check and measure the outer diameter of the ferrule with a caliper. If the hoop diameter does not match the parameter table, the parameters should be reset and the above operation repeated until the requirements are met. During the hoop process, the mold will open to the set size simply by pressing the "Mold" button and not releasing it.