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Flattening machine two types
Jan 03, 2017

Flattening machine of many types. Generally cut with cutters, reel and squash player and so on. Type cutters are available in both reciprocating and rotating. By cutting the spiral of progressions, conveyor belt and not based conveying equipment 3. In some large self propelled lawn mower flattening machine, can choose either transported by spiral push lawn mower or conveyor belt lawn mower.

Generally use controlled by the cam-spring-Tine reel. Reel the pasture would be allocated for work to the cutter. Cut grass is sent compressed by the spiral progressions. After flattening grass thrown backward, through bulky panels and set panels, integrated grass on the ground after the machine. Squash is usually a pair of grooved steel rollers or rubber rollers, 200 mm in diameter, driven by the dynamic at the same time make relative rotation. Forage in the two roll gap by being compressed. This type of flattening conveyor capacity, suitable for harvest yield of forage.

Eccentric-spring-tooth or pressure plate reel (see grain). Its cutting, transporting and spreading processes similar to the cutter-rower. The difference is made from conveyor belt laid by flattening picked up and compressed, then laid on the ground. This flattening conveyor capacity, suitable for low harvest yield of forage. After removing the compressed, can be used to harvest wheat and other grains. Flattening machine not based conveying equipment is made up of the reel will cut grass directly to the compressed. Compressed the length closer to the cutter cutting range. Crush grass laying into broad and thin grass, to dry. Apply to damp high meadows.