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Classification of Low-voltage Cable Heat Shrinkable Sheath Tubes
Apr 20, 2018

1.Single screw extrusion type: It is mainly used for extrusion molding of heat-shrinkable tubing, such as single-wall heat shrinkable tube, double-wall heat shrinkable tube, medium-thick heat shrinkable tube, high-pressure busbar heat shrinkable tube, high-temperature heat Shrink tubing and other products are processed by single screw extrusion molding, a mature heat shrinkable tubing production line should have the following equipment: extruder (shrinkable tube molding), production molds, cooling sinks, tension devices, closing devices.

2. Injection molding: mainly used for the production of heat shrinkable parts, such as heat-shrinkable caps, heat shrinkable skirts, heat shrinkable fingers, and other products are used in injection molding, production equipment should include injection molding machines, injection molds .