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Cable bushings
Jan 03, 2017

Cable casing power project to promote the use of a new type of casing material.

With the rapid development of power cables laid in ground engineering, higher demands on cable, glass fiber reinforced plastic cable duct is based on high-strength glass fiber reinforced materials, not full of polyester resin as a matrix material, microprocessor-controlled mechanical winding form.

Cable performance

1, high strength, high stiffness. Buried beneath driveway need not add a row of concrete cover, faster cable construction progress.

2, pipe flexible, able to withstand outside pressure and the devastation caused by Foundation settlement.

3, resistance to corrosion and long service life, in wet saline-alkali land use.

4, flame retardant, good heat resistance, long-term use without deformation in 130-degree heat, fire does not burn.

5, inner wall is smooth, easy to scrape the cable. Design using socket connection, easy connection. Can adapt to the expansion and contraction joints with rubber sealing ring, and prevent sediment from entering.

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