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Armor machine
Jan 03, 2017

Steel tape machine (stranding machines) is the electric wire and cable plant into a cable power cables, will use the equipment of Suli cable, control cable, armored materials: copper, steel, aluminum, etc.

Armored cable is made of different material conductor mounted in a metal casing with insulation material, which is processed into a solid combination of flexible. Armored cables including thermocouples and sheathed heat-resistance, armored heater and sheathing leads, mainly used in the chemical industry, metallurgy, machine building, power generation and scientific experiments, such as temperature measurement, signal transmission and special heating, is the largest amount of armored thermocouples.

Armored cable mechanical protective layer can be added to any structure on the cable in order to increase the mechanical strength of the cable, increased erosion, are vulnerable to mechanical damage and erosion-prone areas designed for wire and cable. Can be laid either way, more suitable for buried rocks area.

Armoured power cables through the cable is generally fixed, for popular is fixed in place and does not move, power lines transmit power.

The purpose of cable with armored layer in addition to the above, it can also enhance the tensile strength, compressive strength, and other mechanical protection extended service life.

Armored external resistance forces, can also watch out for the mouse's tearing, not through armored power transfer, and greater bending radius of the armored, armored layer can be grounded, protection of cables.

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