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Plastic Coated Hose Cutting Mahcine

Plastic Coated Hose Cutting Mahcine
Plastic coated hose cutting mahcine
Product Details:

Plastic coated hose cutting mahcine

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Product description:

1、size:A variety of specifications, can customize according to customer's requirements.

2、Efficiency: 1000 mm hose, no less than 1200 / hour.

3、The tolerance range::below 2000 mm hose ± 1 mm .

4、Rated power: selected motor capacity according to customer's requirements.

5、The machine size:2200 × 800×850 mm

6、Weight:about 280 kg

7、This equipment can automatically continuous cutting all kinds of hoses, speed can be free to choose, to cut off the hose diameter can be adjusted freely.

Standard configuration: using grinding wheel cutting, smooth feed gas pushed oil, grinding wheel position can be adjusted according to need at any time in the process of cutting; Can set need to cutting the number of cutting.After completion of the cutting, machine will automatically stop;If the hose is held or a delay, it will automatically alarm.

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